Saturday, December 20, 2008


What is your favorite Christmas (or another holiday) tradition that you learned from your parents and still use in your own families?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

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Dear Family and Friends:

I thought I had better drop you off a line and explain what is going on with me.
As you know, I had corpal Tunnel Surgery On Oct 1, 2008. I got a long with the surgery really well. I went in on the following Monday to see the Dr. and we re-dressed the wound, and everything was going really well. However, on Saturday the 11th we took Dave to Dinner for his birthday. We were sitting in Dave' car giving him a present. He left and Dolores and I got into her car to go home. Of a Sudden the pain hit really hard. So we went to the emergency room. My hand was really red and swollen around the wound. My surgeon was not available, of course, so His partner came. She determined that if it were an infection the stitches would have to come out. The wound was so swollen that she had to dig deep for every stich. I thought I would die. But I did get even with her. They wanted to take a Culture of the wound to see if there was and what kind of infection there was. As soon as she touched the swab to the wound, it exploded. Blood went everywhere. All down the front of her beautiful sweater, all over the ceiling the walls. It was a mess.
I went back to see my surgeon on Monday. He re-dressed it and sent me back to the LDS Hospital wound care. They poked and proded etc. Miserable. I wnet back in on wednesday, all was still doing well. When we went back in in Friday My hand was swollen and the red was moving up my arm. You should have seen all of the Drs. that came piling into the room then. 2 from infectious Deasese. A Cardiologist and through the week several others. They decided to admit me to the Hospital. I was there for the next 5 days. They began and IV drip of Cannocylin(sp) Highest dose of antibiotic you can get. It is only givien through and IV. Every day during the 5 day stay I was prpared for surgery. And everyday the Dr would keep saying well, let wait and see. The first surgery they gave me was a Local. But he said that if they had to opporate again It would have to be General and that with my heart it would be a last resort. Well, with the blessiings of the Lord in a couple of day the swelling began to leave. And I also left the Hospital with a Pick line. I still have 7 more days of out-patient treatment. I go every morning and they hookme up to an IV. It takes about 2 hrs. I still have to go to wound care. I am thankful tha I still have the use of my hand. Thank you all for your prayers on my behalf
Love DavidartZone Communications Center: Drafts (4)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ancestor Interview

If you could ask 10 questions of any ancestor that you would like to who would it be, why and what questions would you ask?

There are many ancestors I would want to meet and talk to but the one I would choose first would have to be the obvious one, William Robert Donohoo.

My 10 questions would have to be:
1 Who were your parents and grandparents?
2 When and where were they born?
3 Did you have any brothers & Sisters?
4 What are their names and birth dates?
5 Where were you born?
6 What stories can you remember about your ancestors?
7 How did you meet Polly?
8 Did you have a good relationship with her family?
9 Tell some stories about your family and life in Hardin County.
10Do you have any advise or words of wisdom for to pass on to your progeny in 2008?

Saturday, October 11, 2008


If you could ask 10 questions of any ancestor that you would like to who would it be, why and what questions would you ask?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bullock Bingo

I was hoping someone else would post this reunion story, but I can't resist any longer.
This comes from the last reunion we held at the Uinta Family Youth Camp in 2001.
One of the games we played was Bullock Bingo. I made up a lot of bingo cards with pictures of Bullock ancestors, and current family members.
We had played a few rounds and had fun. During the last game we played. Dick Hinchcliff's card was pulled. Uncle David shouted "I don't have a Dick".

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Road Trips

A lot of the reunions blend together for me and I don't recall any great highlights, but I have vivid memories of the family road trips in the bottom of the line vans that mom and dad always seemed to have. No A/C, no carpet, no head liner and vinyl seats. Yes sir, we were real pioneers heading off across country with the little tent trailer sailing along behind us. Even without all the creature comforts, the 6 walkers made our way from Northborough, Massachusetts all the way to Utah, Arizona or where ever we ended up in between with a song and a 500 mile daily game of letter search, it seemed much harder to get all the way through the alphabet back then than when I play the same game with my kids today. Mom always had fruit, a cooler full of ice water, fresh from the camp ground hose, from where-ever the stop was we were leaving that day (we would never do that today) and a selection of munchies, fresh fruit, and other snacks available for the asking.
Now I am sure there were some arguements and some dis-cord at the end of the days long hot journey, but I can't remember any, I just remember setting up camp and swimming in the camp ground pools, and sitting by the campfire before bed, then the whole family crowding into the tent trailer for the night.
Each morning we would get up, have breakfast and pack up the camp, get the trailer hooked back up to the van, and checking the trailer lights - EVERY DAY - before leaving for that days adventure.
Yeah, it wasn't ever the destination that I remember most but the journey to get there and back again. Truly something a lot of you missed on the short hop to the reunions.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Donohoo Reunion at Harold & Muriel Graham's in Mt View, WY

One of the earliest memories I have of attending a family reunion was in 1968.
That was the year we all camped up in Logan canyon. It was the first time I had ever met most of my cousins, except Cindy, Dee & Lynn. We ran and played and got to know each other. Steve was a new baby and Shari was a toddler and I loved babies so I was very happy.

During the time we were together we went to a Donohoo Family Reunion in Mountain View. I don't remember a lot of the people that were there, I was still too young to take much note of the strange adults that were there.
Towards evening I was playing out on the road with some of the other kids when Harold brought his cows in to be milked. I had never been that close to a cow, it was amazing and frightening at the same time.